Ironman 703

Countdown to Race Day11.July.2021
Race Course


The swim course will start at the shores of The Bellevue Resort beach. Due to the tides, participants will walk to the starting line of the swim from the shorelines. The 1.5-kilometer swim will be a rectangular and clockwise format that will begin with a straight 700-meter, then turn right for 25 meters. Participants will then reach the 700-meter part of the course. They will make a final left turn completing the last 75 meters of the course. Participants will exit the beach and enter the transition.


The 40-kilometer bike course will start at The Bellevue Resort, exiting the narrow roads leading to the open roads of the island. Dauis-Panglao Road will be the main part of the bike course. The course will be relatively flat with several hilly areas. On the Dauis-Panglao Road, participants will head to Tagbilaran City or east side of the island. Participants will reach the first turnaround at KM 11. They will head back west for the second turnaround at KM 20. Participants will ride west for the final or third turnaround at KM 29. From there, participants will head back to The Bellevue Resort to complete the bike course.


The 10-kilometer run course will start at The Bellevue Resort. The course is relatively flat, paved, narrow roads with some country roads. Passing through the old houses and forested areas, participants will run towards until they reach Kilometer 5. Runners will then head back to the beachfront of The Bellevue Resort for the finish line.



Subject to change without prior notice: Updated as of May 22, 2020